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"We assist you in the creation, management and transmission of your wealth, whether personal or professional and in carrying out financial investments."

Garry Herrmann
Board member Banque Hottinguer, CEO Messieurs Hottinguer et Cie – Gestion Privée

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A team of 22 bankers and private wealth managers, including 3 based in Lyon.
Serving a clientele made up of family groups, managers, shareholders, liberal professionals, institutions...

Personalization and excellence are the cornerstones of our approach

Tailor-made approach

Discretion, proximity closeness and steadiness are the pillars of the long-term relationship that our private bankers are building with you over time.


Our private bankers bring you our corporate expertise to help you carrying out the best strategy.

Your strategy

Privileged relationship with your Private Banker.

Tailor-made advice adapted to your objectives, whether financial or personal.

Adequacy of the strategy with legal and tax matters.

Your asset

The know-how of our experts guarantees you a personally crafted asset allocation matching your risk appetite. To ensure the best advice, we must:

  • Understand your family environment;
  • Evaluate your needs and objectives;
  • Adapt your allocation to your personal timeframe;
  • Help you in determining your investment choices;
  • Monitor your asset allocation.

Our way of
managing wealth

We invest through securities and UCITS to build your portfolio:

  • Securities: stocks, bonds, structured products;
  • UCITS: based on open architecture, we diversify our investments by selecting the best funds.

We manage your wealth through various means:
  • Security accounts;
  • Life insurance and capitalization contracts under French or foreign jurisdiction;
  • Dedicated funds.

Depending on your needs, we assist you in different ways:
  • Discretionary asset management;
  • Management advice;
  • Free management: reception and transmission of orders.

SRI asset management by Hottinguer

Give sense to your heritage

Commit to SRI by taking into accounts the main issues of our Society

Asset management in line with Hottinguer Bank’s values
Independence, balance and transparency
Well-being and personal fulfillment at work
Environmental impact

Discretionary SRI asset management

If you aim at:

  • Generating (aim at +V-ing) value for your investments;
  • Committing to long term.

We have developed an internal model based on extra-financial and financial criteria to build a portfolio of securities and / or SRI-labeled UCITS.

This model is flexible and may be adjusted to meet your expectations and your commitment.

PRI (2021)

Un engagement responsable, renforcé par la signature des PRI en 2021.

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SRI Fund

Ecological Balance (ISIN : FR0010634139)

Ecological Balance PART I (ISIN :FR0013530706)

FCP; Unprofessional FIA

Risk profile: 4

Investment objective: discretionary management aimed at participating in the development of products and services offering environmental solutions allowing human development respectful of ecological balances.

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Our management team

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Board member Banque Hottinguer, CEO Messieurs Hottinguer et Cie – Gestion Privée
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Deputy CEO Messieurs Hottinguer et Cie – Gestion Privée